Manufacturer Information

At Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC we understand that you care about your customers and you want to keep them safe by making sure your labeled gluten-free foods truly are gluten free. We want the same thing. Unfortunately contamination is a big concern and independently testing products and making results available to consumers is one way to help them make better informed choices about the products they buy. It certainly is our hope that all products will contain gluten at levels under 20 parts per million. This is the amount currently stipulated in the Food and Drug Administration's rule for labeling foods gluten free.

If a labeled gluten-free product tested by Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC tests at or above 20 parts per million gluten, you will be notified. The Food and Drug Administration is also sent a copy of test results. As is the policy of Gluten Free Watchdog, all labeled gluten-free products testing at or above 20 parts per million gluten will be retested within one year of the original test date.

Manufacturer requests for testing: Manufacturers of labeled gluten-free foods can request to have their products tested but agree to abide by the testing procedures of Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC. Manufacturers requesting product testing agree to cover all costs associated with testing.

Follow-up testing: If you are a manufacturer and your labeled gluten-free product has been tested by Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC you can request follow-up product testing. You will be responsible for covering all costs associated with this testing. Follow-up testing will be conducted using the same procedures as initial testing.