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Lentils and Gluten Cross Contact

The article Lentils and Gluten Cross Contact by Tricia Thompson, Trisha Lyons, and Amy Keller was published on April 29, 2022 in Frontiers in Nutrition. There is some good news in this brief research report.

If you are interested in watching a brief overview of our findings, please see our short powerpoint video with audio.

If you would prefer to read a summary of the findings, the abstract is pasted below.


Lentils are naturally gluten-free and are recommended for […]

Grainful Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Lentils

Disclaimer: Gluten Free Watchdog provided feedback and encouragement to Grainful on their journey to bring purity protocol lentils to market. We are excited to see their efforts finally come to fruition. Gluten Free Watchdog does not formally endorse products.

We recently purchased two, three-pound bags of Grainful Purity Protocol Whole Red Lentils from Amazon. We sorted one bag looking for errant grain and sent the other bag to Bia Diagnostics for testing. We did not find any foreign material and the lentils did […]

Reminder: Pick Through Your Lentils for Errant Wheat and Barley!

We continue to receive reports of errant gluten-containing grains in bags of dried lentils sold in the US. Health Canada just issued a recall on a brand of lentils for undeclared gluten. As a general reminder, under US GIPSA standards (Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration), lentils are allowed to contain a certain percentage of foreign grain, including wheat, barley, and rye. As a precaution, please make sure to pick through dry lentils carefully and rinse them very thoroughly under […]

Update on Edison Grainery French Green Lentils

February 26, 2018

The bad news: Yet another consumer contacted Gluten Free Watchdog about errant grain in Edison Grainery French green lentils.

The potential good news: Based on email correspondence between the consumer and Edison Grainery, they have just this month started using an optical sorter.

Gluten Free Watchdog sent an email to Edison Grainery to:

Confirm that they are using an optical sorter
Ask the best by date consumers should look for to ensure they are purchasing/receiving lentils that have gone […]

More Foreign Grain Found in Edison Grainery Lentils

November 14, 2017

We have received yet another complaint from a subscriber to Gluten Free Watchdog about Edison Grainery lentils containing foreign grain. This consumer found two grains in a two-cup random pour from a 5 pound bag of lentils labeled “verified gluten free”. She has not picked through the entire bag of lentils. More grain may be present.

A photo of the grains was sent to Seaton Smith of GF Harvest who is very well versed in identifying wheat, barley, […]

Mystery Grain in Edison Grainery Lentils Tests “Low Gluten” Using Nima

This post is an update to the blog posted on December 13th entitled “General Product Warning: Check Your Lentils (including certified gluten-free lentils) for Foreign Grain” available at

Long story short: A consumer found a single errant grain in each of two bags of Edison Grainery certified gluten-free lentils. Photos of the grain were sent to Edison Grainery. The consumer was advised that the grain was likely wild oat, oat, or rice. Gluten Free Watchdog sent one of the […]

General Product Warning: Check Your Lentils (including certified gluten-free lentils) for Foreign Grain

Bottom Line: Gluten Free Watchdog has received a number of consumer complaints about foreign grain in packages of lentils. The most recent complaints are for Edison Grainery French Green Lentils and Beluga Lentils (both certified gluten-free) and Simply Nature Organic Green Lentils distributed by Aldi and labeled “naturally gluten-free food.” Please carefully inspect and wash all lentils that you purchase (see specific recommendations below).

Edison Grainery: The three most recent consumer complaints for this manufacturer involve a single errant grain […]

Product alert for Simply Nature Organic Green Lentils distributed by Aldi and labeled “Naturally Gluten Free Food”

Bottom Line: A consumer contacted Gluten Free Watchdog about foreign grain found in a bag of lentils. The consumer sent both the foreign grain and empty bag to Gluten Free Watchdog and we in turn sent the grain to the lab to be tested for identification purposes. The lab was able to test three extractions. The results are 78 ppm, > 84 ppm, > 84 ppm gluten indicating that at least some of the grain is wheat and/or barley.

Background […]

Gluten Free Watchdog Action List for Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2022

During the month of May, please join Gluten Free Watchdog in…

Commenting on the FDA draft guidance on evaluating allergens to add to FALCPA

Donating to a great cause, such as Feeding Gluten-Free

Accessing (for free) and sharing our recently published article, Lentils and Gluten Cross Contact

Mailing a postcard advocating for improved enforcement of the gluten-free labeling rule

More information to come soon.

Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Testing Food for Gluten

This video presentation with audio is about 30 minutes long. The focus is on lessons learned from 16 years of testing food for gluten. The positive news is that the vast majority of the hundreds of foods tested through GFWD have tested below 20 parts per million of gluten. There have been a few unwelcome surprises over the years, including the level of cross contact in lentils and the number of products impacted by facial misbranding. We’ve also learned […]