Author: Tricia Thompson

Brief public summary of Gluten Free Watchdog’s Special Report on Cream Cheese & Nima Sensor Test Results

Authors of the special report: Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, Founder, Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC; Adrian Rogers, Development Manager, BioCheck, UK; Johnna Perry, Gluten Free Watchdog Consumer Subscriber

Gluten Free Watchdog recently tested weighed samples of cream cheese, cream cheese spread, yogurt, and soft cheese for gluten using a Nima Sensor. This testing was done due to complaints received about various products testing gluten found when tested with a Nima. When the weight amount tested was the amount recommended by the […]

Gluten Free Watchdog special 2023 statement on the use of oats in the gluten-free diet

In the latter half of 2022, four labeled gluten-free oat products from three manufacturers commissioned for testing by Gluten Free Watchdog had gluten test results above 20 parts per million. Three of the four products were certified gluten-free at the time of testing. These results are unprecedented for GFWD.

At Gluten Free Watchdog, we are stopping short of recommending against the use of oats. However, you may want to familiarize yourself with the suppliers of purity protocol oats and confirm […]

Exciting update: Daniel and his family arrived safely in the US from Ukraine

Daniel and his mom and dad arrived safely in the US from Ukraine. This was a coordinated effort by so many, most especially the National Celiac Association, the Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California, and Mass General for Children Center for Celiac Research and Treatment. The family continues to need help with living expenses (e.g., food, rent, transportation). Donations are being coordinated through the National Celiac Association. Please consider making a donation–any amount helps.

If you donate at least […]

Gluten Free Watchdog Continues Testing Rice-Based Foods for Arsenic

The latest batch of arsenic test results posted a couple weeks ago for subscribers to Gluten Free Watchdog. You can view which products were tested here and here

This is the third batch of rice-based products commissioned for tested by Gluten Free Watchdog in 2022 (results have also posted for breakfast cereals and rice grain). Products are tested by a lab at Dartmouth College. The next round of testing will focus on rice-based pasta.

If you are […]

Gluten Free Watchdog recommends against the use of Trader Joe’s gluten-free oats

Gluten Free Watchdog recently commissioned testing of Trader Joe’s gluten-free rolled oats. One bag of oats (Best by Aug 18, 2023) was tested as part of our regular testing program. Results from the 6 extractions tested ranged from < 5 ppm to > 80 ppm. This is in keeping with the heterogeneous nature of gluten cross contact in oats.  Based on these results, we do not recommend the use of Trader Joe’s gluten-free rolled oats by people with celiac […]

Soy Sauce: More insightful news from FDA based on Gluten Free Watchdog FOIA requests

We recently filed 3 Freedom of Information Act requests with FDA for products containing hydrolyzed/fermented protein. All products had been reported to FDA for facial misbranding by Gluten Free Watchdog. What follows is a summary of the information received from FDA to date. A huge thank you to Adam, one of GFWD’s pro-bono attorneys for filing these requests.

FOIAs were submitted for the following products:

Three Crabs Fish Sauce. Ingredients list reads, “hydrolyzed vegetable protein.” This ingredient declaration hasn’t been allowed […]

Special Statement on Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Oats from Gluten Free Watchdog

Based on testing commissioned by Gluten Free Watchdog, we do not recommend the use GF Harvest brand oats as a source of purity protocol oats. This product line will not be included in the updated purity protocol listing on Gluten Free Watchdog.

Also based on testing commissioned by Gluten Free Watchdog, we do not recommend the use of Trader Joe’s gluten-free rolled oats. We have been unable to confirm the source of oats used by Trader Joe’s in this product. […]

Update on Pamela’s Products Allergen Advisory Statement

On August 10, 2022, Gluten Free Watchdog reached out to Pamela’s Products:

The addition of wheat to your allergen advisory statement on product packaging for gluten-free foods is causing a lot of concern in the celiac disease community. I understand from your FAQs that you still use dedicated lines for many of your gluten-free products. Can you please let me know why products produced on dedicated lines contain a shared equipment warning vs a shared facility warning. Thank you.

Pamela’s Products […]

The Need for a Standardized Sample Portion When Testing Food for Gluten Using an LFD: A Case Study

Gluten Free Watchdog along with Adrian Rogers, Bio-Check (UK), and Luke Emerson-Mason (Bia Diagnostics) recently presented an abstract and poster at the AOAC International annual meeting.

The abstract and poster are based on testing of Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Strawberry.

View full size poster HERE.

Abstract: Consumers with celiac disease have access to lateral flow devices (LFDs) to test food for gluten. Erroneous results may occur due to matrix effects and sampling that can cause confusion among consumers and lead […]

Gluten Free Watchdog no longer recommends GF Harvest as a source of purity protocol oats

Update January, 4, 2023: Gluten Free Watchdog does not recommend GF Harvest as a source of gluten-free oats. Four bags of oat flour (Best by date 06/23, Lot # 0452.001.9.007) tested between 6 and 32 parts per million of gluten. Unfortunately, the manufacturer never responded to an email from Gluten Free Watchdog alerting them to the results.

Until further notice, Gluten Free Watchdog does not recommend GF Harvest as a source of purity protocol oats.

Gluten Free Watchdog recently analyzed […]