Arsenic and Rice

Gluten Free Watchdog Continues Testing Rice-Based Foods for Arsenic

The latest batch of arsenic test results posted a couple weeks ago for subscribers to Gluten Free Watchdog. You can view which products were tested here and here

This is the third batch of rice-based products commissioned for tested by Gluten Free Watchdog in 2022 (results have also posted for breakfast cereals and rice grain). Products are tested by a lab at Dartmouth College. The next round of testing will focus on rice-based pasta.

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Arsenic and Mercury in Rice: New Research from Dartmouth College

February 28, 2018

Note: If you are a subscriber to Gluten Free Watchdog, summary test reports for both arsenic and mercury will be reposted with minor updates. Reposting these reports allows the entire community of current subscribers (and all new subscribers if they subscribe before May 28, 2018) to access this information regardless of subscription level (Watchdog or Premium). Please wait until you receive email notification that the reports have posted before trying to access them.

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Gluten Free Watchdog Now Testing Rice-Based Gluten-Free Foods for Arsenic

Update: Test results have been posted for breakfast cereals, pastas, flours/mixes, rice grain, breads, and misc. rice products. Please visit the Product Reports page for more information. 

The first batch of test results will post this week on Gluten Free Watchdog. Five popular gluten-free brands of breakfast cereals were tested for arsenic, namely General Mills Rice Chex, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Erewhon Cocoa Crispy, Enjoy Life Foods Perky’s Crunchy Rice, and Cream of Rice. The next batch of products to be […]

Survey on Rice Consumption: Impact on Inorganic Arsenic Intake

Poster Presentation from ICDS: Survey on Rice Consumption among US Adults with Celiac Disease: Impact on Inorganic Arsenic Intake

If we missed seeing you at ICDS2013 here is the link to the poster. Brian and I also presented on the issue of arsenic and rice at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Nutrition Conference.

Full size poster which looks best on screens and can be printed letter size with “resize to fit.”

Letter size poster which can be printed as is.

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Arsenic and Rice: Update for Gluten-Free Consumers

I first covered the issue of arsenic and rice in 2009 at the urging of a concerned consumer. That initial article can be accessed at The present article could not have been written without the helpful and generous email correspondence from arsenic researchers at Dartmouth College.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element that is found in both organic (carbon-containing) and inorganic (non-carbon-containing) forms. It may be present in soil, water, and air. Inorganic arsenic is a known carcinogen and […]