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Attention Gluten-Free Manufacturers: Important Information about Malt

On March 12, 2014 an FDA staff member (Carol D’lima, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA) participated in an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Medical Nutrition Practice Group Webinar entitled, “New Rules for Gluten Free Labeling: Get the Facts from the Experts.” The webinar included information both in written and verbal format on the ingredient malt extract.

Information on FDA slide entitled, “Malt Extract/Syrup”

0 Malt—Product of barley germination

0 Malt Extract/Malt Syrup—Viscous concentrate of water extract of germinated barley

0 “Ingredients not processed […]

Call to Action Regarding Barley Malt Ingredients in Foods Labeled Gluten-Free

The FDA recently published a proposed rule for the Gluten-Free Labeling of Fermented or Hydrolyzed Foods. The comment period for this proposed rule is open until February 16, 2016.

Please take the time to comment on the proposed rule. Let FDA know that you would like the Agency to state as clearly as possible in a Q&A to manufacturers that barley malt and barley malt extract as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations are not allowed in foods labeled […]

Foods Labeled Gluten-Free Yet Containing Barley Malt Ingredients

NEW Product Alert (October 25, 2017): Great Value (Walmart) salt and vinegar chips. Product is labeled gluten-free yet “malt vinegar powder” is included in the ingredients list.

NEW Product Alert (October 25, 2017): Goodie Girl Cookies Toffee Crunch. While the manufacturer states on their website that products do not contain malt extract, incorrect product packaging remains on store shelves (the product is labeled gluten-free & the ingredients list includes “malt extract”).

NEW Product Alert (October 11, 2017): Mission Hill Bistro Beef Pot Roast with Homestyle […]

Gluten-Free Foods Still Contain Barley Malt

Despite having a gluten-free labeling rule in place, there are manufacturers who still believe that if they test their final food product for gluten using the sandwich R5 ELISA and it tests below 20 parts per million of gluten then they can label the product gluten-free, regardless of ingredients. As a result manufacturers are labeling food gluten-free even though these products may contain such ingredients as malt, malt extract, malt syrup, extracts of rye, extracts of barley, soy sauce […]

Update on the gluten-free status of yeast extract

Update July 29, 2014 : Based on testing done by Gluten Free Watchdog, I would like to reiterate that it is my recommendation that individuals with gluten-related disorders avoid products NOT labeled gluten-free containing the ingredients yeast extract or autolyzed yeast extract unless the source is confirmed. Please note that if you live in Canada, ALL gluten sources must be declared in the ingredients list. In addition Coeliac UK recently modified their position on yeast extract specifically as it […]

Product alert: Greens Plus bar contains malt yet labeled gluten-free

Product Alert: Greens Plus Whey Crisp Protein Bar

Last week the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) alerted Gluten Free Watchdog that a variety of Greens Plus bar contains barley malt yet is labeled gluten-free. Barley malt is not allowed in gluten-free foods. To read the NFCA alert for this product click here.

Note: While manufacturers labeling their foods gluten-free have until August, 2014 to comply with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule, malt, malt extract, and malt syrup have long been […]

Boulder Canyon Chips & FDA Webinar Statement on Use of Malt Extract in Gluten-Free Foods

Boulder Canyon Chips–Again!!

It is hard to believe I’m writing about Boulder Canyon chips—Again! BUT Boulder Canyon chips labeled gluten-free yet containing both malt vinegar powder and malt extract continue to be widely available on store shelves.

Based on the emails I continue to receive, there seems to be confusion on the part of many regarding the ingredients contained in this product as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) position on malt extract in labeled gluten-free foods.

To help clarify, […]

Gluten Free Watchdog Product Alert: Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar Chips

At least two (maybe three) varieties of Boulder Canyon malt vinegar and sea salt chips are labeled gluten-free and/or erroneously contain the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) Certified Gluten-Free mark (i.e. they were never certified by GFCO) and include the ingredients malt vinegar and malt extract. To access a pdf of the report click here.

Excerpt: Bottom Line: At least two (maybe three) varieties of Boulder Canyon malt vinegar and sea salt chips are labeled gluten-free and/or erroneously contain the Gluten Free Certification […]

Quinoa and Possible Barley Contamination

The Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) recently posted an alert on their website concerning quinoa and its suitability for Passover This alert has implications beyond the Jewish community to include those with celiac disease. I had the pleasure of speaking with a Rabbi from the CRC to confirm this information.

For the past several years quinoa in general was considered suitable for Passover*. This is no longer the case. After thoroughly investigating the issue, several concerns have been raised by […]

Product Labeled Gluten-Free Contains Barley Malt Extract

Suzanne Simpson, dietitian at the Celiac Center at Columbia University recently alerted me to a product manufactured by The Gracious Gourmet that is labeled gluten-free but contains barley malt extract as an ingredient.

This product was NOT tested by Gluten Free Watchdog

Balsamic Four Onion Spread is labeled and advertised as gluten-free but according to the ingredients list on the product label and published online, it contains barley malt extract.


onions (yellow onion, leeks, shallots, red onion) sugar, balsamic vinegar, raisin, […]