Facial Misbranding

FDA is acting on complaints filed by Gluten Free Watchdog

This spring we filed 6 Freedom of Information Act requests with FDA representing 11 products containing malt-based ingredients.* All products had been reported to FDA for facial misbranding by Gluten Free Watchdog. What follows is a summary of the information included in the materials obtained from FDA. A huge thank you to Adam, one of GFWD’s pro-bono attorneys for filing these requests.

*We also filed FOIA requests for three additional products containing wheat. As of July 26, 2022, we have […]

Lack of FDA enforcement action against manufacturers labeling products gluten-free that list barley malt ingredients

Several groups recently came together to ask FDA if they intend to take enforcement action against manufacturers labeling products gluten-free that list malt, malt syrup, malt extract, or malt vinegar in the ingredients. Thank you to the National Celiac Association, Beyond Celiac, the Society for the Study of Celiac Disease, the Gluten Intolerance Group, and Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California for joining Gluten Free Watchdog in this effort. It takes a unified gluten-free village!

When you have a spare […]

Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage: Where is the enforcement FDA?

This herbal beverage is labeled gluten-free and lists as ingredients “extracts of roasted barley, rye”. After seven years of reporting this product to FDA, it remains on store shelves. What follows are the nitty-gritty details.

Initial correspondence with FDA

Gluten Free Watchdog first made FDA aware of this product via email on January 10, 2014—over SEVEN years ago!FDA’s initial email response received January 17, 2014:“As far as the product, “Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage”, we do not have enough information to be able […]

Chef Myron’s sauces containing wheat-based soy sauce FINALLY recalled

Recalls for eight Chef Myron’s sauces posted to the FDA’s enforcement report page the week of December 16th. The reason given for all recalls: “Product utilized a gluten-free claim but has as an ingredient a fermented soy sauce that is produced from wheat which was not processed to remove the gluten prior to fermentation.”

It is huge that these recalls are happening. Finally, the FDA appears willing to recall foods labeled gluten-free containing wheat-based soy sauce as an ingredient. This […]

Product Warning: Pots & Co. Flourless Chocolate Cake

This product is made in the UK and sold in the US. It is labeled gluten-free yet contains the ingredient “gluten-free barley malt extract (barley malt, water).”

Gluten Free Watchdog reached out to the manufacturer and was advised: “Our Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe uses a gluten free barley malt extract. It undergoes a special treatment to reduce the gluten content.  We have certification showing that it has a less than 5ppm and therefore can be labelled as Gluten Free.” 

While gluten-free foods […]

Plea to FDA: Turn your attention to the manufacturers who blatantly use fermented and hydrolyzed wheat or barley ingredients in labeled gluten-free foods

Text of email sent to FDA July 13, 2020:

Dear Dr. Mayne,

Gluten Free Watchdog has reported twelve products to CAERS for gluten-free facial misbranding in 2020. Six of these products have been recalled and posted on either FDA’s enforcement report page or recall listing. On behalf of the Gluten Free Watchdog community, thank you for the role you’ve played in these recalls. Please continue your efforts and recall the remaining six products.

Products that have not been recalled include (product photos […]

Updating the community on gluten-free facial misbranding and FDA & USDA enforcement of gluten-free claims: Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2020

During the first 4½ months of 2020, Gluten Free Watchdog reported 8 products appearing to be facially misbranded to FDA and 1 product to USDA. Products are considered facially misbranded (a term coined by the GFWD team) when they are labeled gluten-free but the ingredients list includes an ingredient not allowed in foods making a gluten-free claim.

As of May 12, 2020, 6 products reported to FDA have been recalled for gluten-free misbranding. This is actually extraordinary given that very […]

Running List of Potentially Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA & USDA by Gluten Free Watchdog in 2020/2021/2022

This list is updated when necessary to include additional misbranded products and recall status. Thank you to the consumers who have reported products to Gluten Free Watchdog and shared photos. It takes a gluten-free village to do this work.

Sweet Eva’s Unicorn Blend Night Before Christmas: These sprinkles are labeled gluten-free yet include “malt extract” in the ingredients list. This product appears to be sold only on Amazon. Please let us know if you’ve spotted this brand at other […]

Latest Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA via CAERS

Sweet Bourbon Crunchers Pretzels sold through Beef Jerky Outlets. I have spoken to both the manufacturer and the distributor. Due to an error in the labeling process, this product includes a gluten-free claim. However, the pretzels contain wheat flour as confirmed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer has instructed all Beef Jerky Outlet stores to remove product from the shelf. Regardless, this product was purchased at a Beef Jerky Outlet this past weekend (February 22/23). 

Grow Girl Hair Growth Dietary Supplement.  […]

Dietitians: Please join Dietitians in Gluten and Gastrointestinal Disorders (DIGID) and send a letter to FDA voicing your displeasure about the lack of enforcement of the gluten-free labeling rule

To my fellow dietitians, Gluten Free Watchdog recently launched a letter writing campaign to Food and Drug Administration personnel regarding the lack of enforcement of the gluten-free labeling rule. If you work with consumers with celiac disease or non-celiac wheat sensitivity, please make your voice heard by joining DIGID and sending emails and/or letters to the individuals included in the contact list below. The text of the letter sent by DIGID is also pasted below. Please […]