Gluten Contamination of Food

Fermentation Growth Media for Yeast and Concerns about Residual Gluten

Gluten Free Watchdog recently received a question about the yeast used in a Crispin (Miller-Coors) hard cider certified gluten-free by GFCO. Neither GFCO nor Miller-Coors would disclose the growth medium used for the yeast.

Yeast testing: In an attempt to learn more about residual gluten protein in yeast grown on gluten-containing growth media Gluten Free Watchdog tested White Labs Pilsner Yeast cultured in a solution containing barley malt for gluten. This yeast is NOT labeled gluten-free. But, according to the […]

Grocery stores: please do not place gluten-free flour below wheat flour on store shelves

NOTE: A pdf of the letter is available at this link GFWDStoreLetter

Thank you to the Gluten Free Watchdog subscriber for sharing the attached photo.

Dear manager,

It has recently come to our attention at Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC that gluten-free foods are being placed below wheat-based foods on store shelves. This may not seem like much of an issue. However, when wheat-based food “leaks” as is often the case with bags of flour it is a health hazard. Wheat flour ends up […]

Mystery Grain in Edison Grainery Lentils Tests “Low Gluten” Using Nima

This post is an update to the blog posted on December 13th entitled “General Product Warning: Check Your Lentils (including certified gluten-free lentils) for Foreign Grain” available at

Long story short: A consumer found a single errant grain in each of two bags of Edison Grainery certified gluten-free lentils. Photos of the grain were sent to Edison Grainery. The consumer was advised that the grain was likely wild oat, oat, or rice. Gluten Free Watchdog sent one of the […]

Gluten levels in products NOT labeled gluten-free but appearing to be free of gluten ingredients

Testing data from Gluten Free Watchdog was recently published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The focus of the article is allergen advisory statements for wheat but the article also includes data on gluten levels of products not labeled gluten-free but appearing to be free of gluten ingredients. It was recently brought to my attention that these levels should be highlighted (thanks, Al!).

Summary findings for products NOT labeled gluten-free:

101 total products tested

87 products tested below 5 parts per million […]

General Product Warning: Check Your Lentils (including certified gluten-free lentils) for Foreign Grain

Bottom Line: Gluten Free Watchdog has received a number of consumer complaints about foreign grain in packages of lentils. The most recent complaints are for Edison Grainery French Green Lentils and Beluga Lentils (both certified gluten-free) and Simply Nature Organic Green Lentils distributed by Aldi and labeled “naturally gluten-free food.” Please carefully inspect and wash all lentils that you purchase (see specific recommendations below).

Edison Grainery: The three most recent consumer complaints for this manufacturer involve a single errant grain […]

Testing Oat Products Using the Nima

Please watch the video Using Nima to test heterogeneous samples such as oats before watching this video. It is available at In the current video I test a box of “gluten-free” Cheerios from the 2015 recall and a carton of regular Quaker oats using Nima. Both of these products are highly likely to be contaminated with gluten and are not recommended for persons with gluten-related disorders regardless of test results using the Nima. My intention in testing these two […]

“He gave my son veal dredged in flour and a side of gluten free pasta cooked in the same water as regular pasta” Are restaurants taking gluten-free requests less seriously?

This week I received an email from a member of the Gluten Free Watchdog community about a recent restaurant experience. It is printed here with permission:

“I want to share with you some restaurant trends I am noticing.  It seems like the gluten-free diet fad has created some real issues for those of us with Celiac or real gluten intolerance.  We took my son out to dinner last weekend and he got terribly glutened.  I just called the restaurant and […]

Product alert for Simply Nature Organic Green Lentils distributed by Aldi and labeled “Naturally Gluten Free Food”

Bottom Line: A consumer contacted Gluten Free Watchdog about foreign grain found in a bag of lentils. The consumer sent both the foreign grain and empty bag to Gluten Free Watchdog and we in turn sent the grain to the lab to be tested for identification purposes. The lab was able to test three extractions. The results are 78 ppm, > 84 ppm, > 84 ppm gluten indicating that at least some of the grain is wheat and/or barley.

Background […]

Products Labeled Gluten-Free Yet Containing Wheat-Based Soy Sauce

NEW: Chef Myron’s Magic 20 Gauge Marinade as well as ALL Chef Myron’s sauces labeled gluten-free and containing shoyu sauce made using wheat (February 28, 2017). This product is labeled gluten-free and contains shoyu sauce made using wheat. Also, please be aware that Chef Myron’s supplies products to other food manufacturers and food service. We have dealt with this manufacturer before. Both the product label and the website state that the wheat protein is broken down into amino acids during […]

Barley malt in gluten-free foods; Gluten neutralized sourdough wheat bread. Where is the outrage among our national gluten-free support groups?

Warning: mini rant

My question to the national groups: Are you in the pocket of gluten-free food manufacturers?

If your answer is: “No” then I ask why you are not up in arms about these issues:

Barley malt in foods labeled gluten-free: Some manufacturers are labeling foods gluten-free yet including barley ingredients in these products. A running list of such products is maintained on Gluten Free Watchdog.

Sourdough wheat bread promoted as safe to the gluten-free community: Some artisanal bakers are promoting sourdough […]