Gluten Contamination of Food (Page 4)

Open letter to store managers regarding gluten-free products made by their retail establishment

Gluten Free Watchdog has received emails from concerned consumers about baked goods made in-house by grocery stores and food co-ops. We can not test all products available only in local markets. As a first step, please speak directly with the store manager about your concerns. If it is helpful to you, please feel free to print this letter from Gluten Free Watchdog and distribute it to stores making gluten-free products. If you feel your concerns are not being taken […]

Gluten Contamination of Gluten-Free Foods Sold in the US

Thomas Grace and I recently published two years worth of testing data from Gluten Free Watchdog in the journal Practical Gastroenterology. The pdf is available here.

Excerpt: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released the long awaited rule
on the labeling of food as gluten-free. Labeled gluten-free food regulated by the FDA
and sold in the United States must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of
gluten. The objective of this evaluation is to assess the actual gluten content of labeled
gluten-free […]

Gluten Peptides in Human Breast Milk: Implications for Cow’s Milk?

Bottom line: A very small number of published studies report finding peptides in exceedingly small amounts (measured in parts per billion) in human breast milk. If dairy cows are fed wheat, barley, and rye grain (not a common occurrence from what I’ve been told) and if they have the same difficulty digesting (breaking down) gluten protein as humans, it is reasonable to wonder if gluten peptides may be found in cow’s milk too. However, based on testing, no significant […]