Gluten-Free Beer

Can Individuals with Celiac Disease Drink Barley-Based “Gluten-Removed” Beers such as Omission? A Gluten Free Watchdog Special Report

To write this report on the safety of of barley-based gluten-removed beers, Gluten Free Watchdog consulted with experts in mass spectrometry, ELISA testing, and amino acid sequencing of gluten proteins. We are very grateful that they generously shared their knowledge so that this information could be passed along to you. To access a pdf of the report please click here.

Omission Beer: The controversy over gluten-free labeling of malt-based beverages continues

Update July 12, 2013.

I don’t know about all of you but I am getting a little fatigued from the beer “issue.” BUT …

Last evening I was forwarded some documents related to Craft Brew Alliance (Omission). According to the email included with these documents they are not considered confidential and will be in the public domain soon (when they are, I will post the links). When I have more information regarding how the scientific community views the information contained in […]

Health Day Article on Gluten-Free Beer

Over the Holidays you may have come across the Health Day article entitled, “Some Gluten-Free Beers Really Aren’t: Study.” This is an unfortunate title that has led to some confusion. The article is available at:

The study behind the article

Colgrave ML, Goswami H, Howitt CA, Tanner GJ. What is in a beer? Proteomic characterization and relative quantification of hordein (gluten) in beer. J Proteome Research. October 2011. The study is available at:

Study authors tested three types of beer: […]