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General Mills “Gluten-Free” Cheerios: Comment from Gluten Free Watchdog

Update July 22, 2015: Please see Gluten Free Watchdog’s updated statement on Gluten-Free Cheerios

Update March 29, 2015: Gluten-Free Cheerios, Grain Millers, Oats, and Mechanical “Cleaning”

As Gluten Free Watchdog reported in February, General Mills is using a proprietary mechanical sorting process to remove wheat and barley from the oats they will use in their gluten-free Cheerios. In general, mechanical cleaning of grains separates out unwanted materials based on size, shape, and color among other attributes.

Mechanical sorting/cleaning of grains is nothing […]

Manufacturer Use of Regular Oats in Gluten-Free Foods: Statement from Gluten Free Watchdog

Ten years ago individuals with celiac disease were advised against eating oats. This was not because oats inherently contain gluten but because oats available commercially were highly likely to be contaminated with wheat or barley. Ten years ago we did not have oats that were specially produced and processed to be gluten-free. Today, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Cream Hill Estates, Avena Foods, Great Northern Growers/Montana Gluten-Free, and Gluten-Free Harvest specially produced and processed gluten-free oats and oat […]

Special Report: The Use of Oats in Gluten-Free Foods

Special Report: The Use of Oats in Gluten-Free Foods
Beth Armour, RD, Shelley Case, RD and Tricia Thompson, MS, RD
For Gluten Free Watchdog
UPDATE from Tricia July 10, 2014: Last week Amy Leger (The Savvy Celiac) contacted me for my input on oats—specifically how they should be included in the ingredients list if they are gluten-free or certified gluten-free. Her question stemmed from a statement provided by General Mills when she asked why the oats in the new Chex Gluten-Free Oatmeal […]