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Brief public summary of Gluten Free Watchdog’s Special Report on Cream Cheese & Nima Sensor Test Results

Authors of the special report: Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, Founder, Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC; Adrian Rogers, Development Manager, BioCheck, UK; Johnna Perry, Gluten Free Watchdog Consumer Subscriber

Gluten Free Watchdog recently tested weighed samples of cream cheese, cream cheese spread, yogurt, and soft cheese for gluten using a Nima Sensor. This testing was done due to complaints received about various products testing gluten found when tested with a Nima. When the weight amount tested was the amount recommended by the […]

Dietitian Experiences Using a Novel Portable Personal Testing Gadget For Gluten

This article was published in Medical Nutrition Matters (Winter 2019 Volume 38 No. 3), a publication of Dietitians in Medical Nutrition Therapy–a practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Morning musings about testing food for gluten & the Nima Sensor

The following is paragraph form of a tweet thread posted by @GFWatchdog to Twitter on March 21, 2019.

A few musings this morning about testing food for gluten & the Nima Sensor. Background, I have been commissioning testing of gluten-free food for about 15 years. Does this make me an expert? No. I am a dietitian fortunate to have learned from the experts—the scientists who specialize in testing food for gluten, including the late Dr. Mendez (you may recognize his […]

Please do not panic: The research abstract on the Nima Sensor and gluten-free restaurant meals presented at the ACG annual meeting is misleading

Yesterday evening I was just about to close up shop when three messages arrived almost simultaneously asking about a research abstract presented at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting entitled “Gluten Contamination of Restaurant Food: Analysis of Crowd-Sourced Data.” According to the abstract, study authors, including physicians from the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University “analyzed data from a portable gluten detection device (Nima), collected across the USA during an 18-month period by users (n = 804) who […]

When an individual is maligned because his scientific opinion is at odds with the commercial messaging surrounding a food-testing gadget we have a problem

Background: As many of you know, Gluten Free Watchdog has been independently testing, assessing, and writing about the Nima Sensor for gluten for a couple of years. Third party testing data was recently released. As a result, we provided an update to our position statement on the testing gadget* (we are not able to recommend it).

In our post we included the following statement from Adrian Rogers, Senior Research Scientist at Romer Labs about the Nima Sensor and the third […]

Gluten Free Watchdog’s Updated Position Statement on the Nima Sensor for Gluten

At Gluten Free Watchdog we are not able to recommend the Nima Sensor consumer testing gadget* for gluten. Third party testing data released yesterday by Nima Labs has further solidified our position. This testing data confirmed what we’ve noted in our own testing with this gadget. There is no way to know whether a smiley face test result from the Nima Sensor is a true negative in terms of the gluten-free labeling rule (gluten below 20 ppm) or a […]

Gluten Free Watchdog calls on Nima Labs, Inc. to release third party testing data to their community and to others interested in using the Nima Sensor

Gluten Free Watchdog calls on Nima Labs, Inc. to release third party testing data to their community and to others interested in using the Nima Sensor.

Nima Labs, Inc. has presented useful third party testing data of their Nima Sensor device at selected conferences, but has requested that conference attendees refrain from more widespread dissemination. We are asking them to release the data privately to their users and to others interested in using the device.

Information on false negatives: Nima Labs, […]

Adrian Rogers Discusses Personal Gluten & Allergen Detection Devices such as Nima

November 23, 2017

Adrian Rogers, Senior Research Scientist at Romer Labs, recently spoke at Food Matters Live in London about consumer food testing devices for gluten and allergens (e.g., Nima Sensor). He generously gave permission for his slides and the audio from the live presentation to be posted on Gluten Free Watchdog. This is an exceedingly important presentation to listen to for everyone interested in learning about these devices.

For the best learning experience, please view the slides and listen to […]

Gluten-Free Quaker Oats & Testing with the Nima Sensor, R5 ELISA, & G12 ELISA

November 6, 2017

Please read this entire document very carefully. The information is presented in bullet point format to hopefully make complicated information a bit easier to understand.


A consumer tested a carton of Quaker Oats labeled gluten-free with the Nima Sensor consumer-testing device. Two samples—one cooked and one raw were tested. Both results were “gluten found”.
The consumer sent all remaining product in the original container to Gluten Free Watchdog.
Gluten Free Watchdog sent the product to an […]