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Gluten Free Watchdog no longer recommends GF Harvest as a source of purity protocol oats

Update January, 4, 2023: Gluten Free Watchdog does not recommend GF Harvest as a source of gluten-free oats. Four bags of oat flour (Best by date 06/23, Lot # 0452.001.9.007) tested between 6 and 32 parts per million of gluten. Unfortunately, the manufacturer never responded to an email from Gluten Free Watchdog alerting them to the results.

Until further notice, Gluten Free Watchdog does not recommend GF Harvest as a source of purity protocol oats.

Gluten Free Watchdog recently analyzed […]

Grading the Canyon Bakehouse Recall

UPDATE: The recall has been amended to include expanded distribution for the Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels and now includes Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.


Bottom line: Canyon Bakehouse handled this recall very well. What happened should serve as a lesson for all manufacturers of gluten-free foods. Testing at risk raw ingredients for gluten before they enter the facility should be de rigueur. A dedicated gluten-free facility doesn’t matter if “dirty” ingredients are allowed inside.

My biggest concern at this point is […]

Product Alert: Schiff Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense Formula labeled no added gluten contains an enzyme cultivated on growth media containing wheat

A concerned consumer reached out to Gluten Free Watchdog about this product. GFWD contacted the manufacturer asking about the source of wheat. The manufacturer reply stated: “The product does not contain any wheat or gluten. The enzyme used in our product is grown on fermented wheat so we are required to add it to our label.”

HOWEVER, under FDA’s newly released rule on gluten-free labeling of fermented and hydrolyzed ingredients, FDA has declined to exempt enzymes. This means that enzymes […]

Sometimes that “not quite right” looking gluten-free food turns out to be gluten-free

Sometimes that “not quite right” looking gluten-free food turns out to be gluten-free and sometimes it does not.

Latest incident. We recently tested two pretzel sticks that looked different from the rest of the pretzel sticks in a bag of gluten-free Snyders’s of Hanover pretzels. They were longer, thinner, and darker than the other pretzels (see photo). GFWD asked SH to test the errant pretzels but they declined.

SH will not test any product once packaging has been opened. This is […]

Enough with the outlandish claims that folks with gluten-related disorders can eat your wheat or wheat bread without harm: They can’t!

Why we tested wheat

Gluten Free Watchdog recently tested crushed wheat for gluten (yes, you read that correctly). This testing was done due to claims being made by the manufacturer “Our Fathers Foods.”

Excerpts from manufacturer

As of August 11, 2018 the following statements were posted on the website of Our Fathers Foods (see screenshots):

“Crushed wheat #1 allows people with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, type 2 diabetes, and other health ailments to eat wheat again.”

“So far we have had around 150 […]

Why are consumers finding malt extract and malt flavor in the ingredients lists of GFCO certified gluten-free foods?

The issue:

During the month of May, three products were reported to Gluten Free Watchdog that were labeled gluten-free and included the certified gluten-free logo from GFCO on product packaging yet named either malt extract or malt flavor in the ingredients list.

Nothin’ But Foods Cinnamon Raisin Granola Cookie Bites
Know Allergies Blueberry and Maple Bars
Goodie Girl Toffee Crunch Cookies

According to GFCO and the manufacturers involved, the malt ingredients are not actually in the product but instead […]

More Foreign Grain Found in Edison Grainery Lentils

November 14, 2017

We have received yet another complaint from a subscriber to Gluten Free Watchdog about Edison Grainery lentils containing foreign grain. This consumer found two grains in a two-cup random pour from a 5 pound bag of lentils labeled “verified gluten free”. She has not picked through the entire bag of lentils. More grain may be present.

A photo of the grains was sent to Seaton Smith of GF Harvest who is very well versed in identifying wheat, barley, […]

Product Alert: If You Have Celiac Disease Please Do Not Eat Millet-Based Products from Sami’s Bakery

Test Results

Gluten Free Watchdog recently had three products from Sami’s Bakery (Millet and Flax Chips, Millet and Flax Lavash, and Plain Millet Bread) tested for gluten. Samples tested at a level of approximately 80,000 parts per million of gluten (see photo of final test results). According to the lab, “Based on these results, Bia Diagnostics believes this product to contain 25-50% wheat flour.”

These products are NOT labeled gluten-free. Product packaging reads, “Contains traces of gluten, wheat and yeast.”

Note: To put these levels […]

Product alert: Greens Plus bar contains malt yet labeled gluten-free

Product Alert: Greens Plus Whey Crisp Protein Bar

Last week the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) alerted Gluten Free Watchdog that a variety of Greens Plus bar contains barley malt yet is labeled gluten-free. Barley malt is not allowed in gluten-free foods. To read the NFCA alert for this product click here.

Note: While manufacturers labeling their foods gluten-free have until August, 2014 to comply with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule, malt, malt extract, and malt syrup have long been […]

Boulder Canyon Chips & FDA Webinar Statement on Use of Malt Extract in Gluten-Free Foods

Boulder Canyon Chips–Again!!

It is hard to believe I’m writing about Boulder Canyon chips—Again! BUT Boulder Canyon chips labeled gluten-free yet containing both malt vinegar powder and malt extract continue to be widely available on store shelves.

Based on the emails I continue to receive, there seems to be confusion on the part of many regarding the ingredients contained in this product as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) position on malt extract in labeled gluten-free foods.

To help clarify, […]