A recipe from the repertoire of Gluten Free Watchdog with an added lesson on cross contact

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2018,

A series of bites, barks, tail wags, face licks, and pant tugs from Gluten Free Watchdog

May 5, 2018

Gluten Free Watchdog Tail Wag, Post # 5

In general, I do not post recipes. But people often ask me what I eat. Here is one of our staple meals that I make about once every two weeks.

If you have a shared household like me (my husband eats gluten-full pasta), please use separate food preparation and […]

Gluten-Free Milk-Free White “Chocolate” Almond Butter Cups

Happy Holidays! I hope you are enjoying wonderfully delicious gluten-free food. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the one time of year that I actually make time to bake and make candy (I have a very big sweet tooth). Yesterday, I made gluten-free and milk-free white “chocolate” almond butter cups. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the inspiration for this creation. Because I must eat gluten-free, egg-free and milk-free, I frequently jot down a recipe automatically including my own adaptations. […]