Restaurants: Stop Using Wheat-Based Soy Sauce in Gluten-Free Meals

If you come across a restaurant using wheat-based soy sauce in a meal marked gluten-free, please share the information below with the manager. A pdf of the letter is available here.

Dear restaurant manager,

It has come to our attention
that your restaurant is using certain sauces, including shoyu soy sauce and
representing these sauces as gluten-free to your patrons. Under the FDA’s
gluten-free labeling rule, wheat-based soy sauces and sauces
containing wheat-based soy sauce as an ingredient may NOT
be labeled gluten-free. According to the FDA, “If a soy sauce is made from
wheat […]

Reclaim Gluten-Free: Help Stop the Misuse of the Term Gluten-Free by Restaurants

term gluten-free has a regulatory definition. This definition was created
because of celiac disease. Only those restaurants that are able to provide
appropriate meals for folks with celiac disease should use it.

What the FDA says about gluten-free claims and restaurants: “If restaurants or other retail food establishments wish to make “gluten-free” claims (or the synonymous claims “no gluten” “free of gluten” or “without gluten”) for any of their menu items, these foods should meet all of the requirements FDA has established […]