Testing for Gluten Contamination

Brief public summary of Gluten Free Watchdog’s Special Report on Cream Cheese & Nima Sensor Test Results

Authors of the special report: Tricia Thompson, MS, RD, Founder, Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC; Adrian Rogers, Development Manager, BioCheck, UK; Johnna Perry, Gluten Free Watchdog Consumer Subscriber

Gluten Free Watchdog recently tested weighed samples of cream cheese, cream cheese spread, yogurt, and soft cheese for gluten using a Nima Sensor. This testing was done due to complaints received about various products testing gluten found when tested with a Nima. When the weight amount tested was the amount recommended by the […]

The Need for a Standardized Sample Portion When Testing Food for Gluten Using an LFD: A Case Study

Gluten Free Watchdog along with Adrian Rogers, Bio-Check (UK), and Luke Emerson-Mason (Bia Diagnostics) recently presented an abstract and poster at the AOAC International annual meeting.

The abstract and poster are based on testing of Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Strawberry.

View full size poster HERE.

Abstract: Consumers with celiac disease have access to lateral flow devices (LFDs) to test food for gluten. Erroneous results may occur due to matrix effects and sampling that can cause confusion among consumers and lead […]

Liquid IV: Statement from Gluten Free Watchdog

Gluten Free Watchdog received several complaints about this product from consumers after they tested Liquid IV using lateral flow devices, including EZ Gluten and Nima Sensor and received positive results for gluten.  A consumer’s retained sample and a new box of the same flavor of Liquid IV were tested at Bia Diagnostics, LLC (an accredited laboratory) using the fully validated sandwich R5 ELISA, the competitive R5 ELISA, and EZ Gluten test strips.

When the product was tested using the sandwich […]

Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Testing Food for Gluten

This video presentation with audio is about 30 minutes long. The focus is on lessons learned from 16 years of testing food for gluten. The positive news is that the vast majority of the hundreds of foods tested through GFWD have tested below 20 parts per million of gluten. There have been a few unwelcome surprises over the years, including the level of cross contact in lentils and the number of products impacted by facial misbranding. We’ve also learned […]

Products in the immediate queue for testing at Gluten Free Watchdog (September 2020)

Products in the immediate queue for testing at Gluten Free Watchdog. Remember, test requests are from subscribers and requests are made for any number of reasons, including peace of mind. Testing does NOT necessarily mean that a product issue is suspected. Links to test reports are emailed to Gluten Free Watchdog subscribers.