Exciting update: Daniel and his family arrived safely in the US from Ukraine

Daniel and his mom and dad arrived safely in the US from Ukraine. This was a coordinated effort by so many, most especially the National Celiac Association, the Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California, and Mass General for Children Center for Celiac Research and Treatment. The family continues to need help with living expenses (e.g., food, rent, transportation). Donations are being coordinated through the National Celiac Association. Please consider making a donation–any amount helps. https://nationalceliac.org/support-daniel-and-his-family/

If you donate at least […]

Does FDA ever intend to take public enforcement action against manufacturers misbranding products gluten-free that list malt ingredients?

As of May 23, 2022, FDA has not taken any public enforcement action on misbranded products labeled gluten-free yet listing malt, malt extract, malt syrup, or malt vinegar in the ingredients (all made from barley unless another source is declared, such as corn malt).

On February 23, 2022, Gluten Free Watchdog sent a letter to Susan Mayne, PhD, Director of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. The letter stated in part:

“We are deeply concerned that the gluten-free labeling […]

Audio Message from Gluten Free Watchdog Asking You to Comment on FDA’s Draft Guidance on Evaluating the Public Health Importance of Food Allergens

Please take 3 minutes to listen to my message and then head over to the docket and comment.

Comment here https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/FDA-2021-N-0553-0005

Use any or all of the text from Gluten Free Watchdog’s comment available here https://www.glutenfreewatchdog.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/CommentGlutenFreeWatchdogFDA-2021-N-0553-0005.pdf

Grainful Purity Protocol Gluten-Free Lentils

Disclaimer: Gluten Free Watchdog provided feedback and encouragement to Grainful on their journey to bring purity protocol lentils to market. We are excited to see their efforts finally come to fruition. Gluten Free Watchdog does not formally endorse products.

We recently purchased two, three-pound bags of Grainful Purity Protocol Whole Red Lentils from Amazon. We sorted one bag looking for errant grain and sent the other bag to Bia Diagnostics for testing. We did not find any foreign material and the lentils did […]

Dear Beloved Gluten Free Watchdog Community

Dear Beloved Gluten Free Watchdog community,

During this very difficult time, here are some hopefully helpful tips. Please note that all recipes are my own from a book I wrote many, many years ago. If the photos don’t come through in this email, please cut and paste links into browser. 

Difficulty eating? During times of stress, I’m prone to slight nausea and no desire to eat. If you are like me, this is what I do to combat this feeling… I make […]

General Mills Proposed Gluten Friendly Line

UPDATE February 12, 2020: Thank you so much to everyone who emailed and posted comments. Comments were sent to General Mills today.

Their response: “Thank you for sharing this information. I will be forwarding it on to the team that is working on the concept. I think it is also important for you to know that based on all of the feedback we received from the gluten free community, we removed the images from our website as we reevaluate […]

When a regulatory agency (USDA) actually enforces the gluten-free labeling rule and recalls a product containing wheat-based soy sauce

On August 30, 2019, the United States Department of
Agriculture announced the recall of Heatherfield
Foods Inc. pork sausage products due to misbranding. The sausage is labeled
gluten-free yet contains wheat. https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/recalls-and-public-health-alerts/recall-case-archive/archive/2019/recall-088-2019-release?permalink=35A47FAFA869093A250D7843C3A55B6D5ADD2BFB5919576B6453B59930E6CE26

Why is this
recall particularly significant?

It took
place because of a consumer complaint received by USDA.Based on
consumer photographs sent to Gluten Free Watchdog, the source of wheat in the
sausage is soy sauce.USDA
doesn’t have an agency defined gluten-free labeling rule. Instead
they require manufacturers under their labeling jurisdiction to adhere to the gluten-free
labeling rule […]

Gluten Free Watchdog Now Testing Restaurant Menu Items for Gluten

years of good intentions, Gluten Free Watchdog has started testing menu items
represented as gluten-free.

What is being tested? Early testing is focusing on nationwide chain restaurants that state in writing and verbally that their menu items marked gluten-free are appropriate for folks with celiac disease.

What is the protocol for collecting samples and sending them to the lab? Subscribers to Gluten Free Watchdog are facilitating this testing. Volunteers are purchasing the same menu item from chain restaurant locations across […]

Call to Action: Help Us Determine the Current Status of Facial Misbranding of Gluten-Free Foods on Store Shelves

Please help us assess the current labeling status of gluten-free foods previously reported to FDA for facial misbranding (i.e., food is labeled gluten-free but lists an ingredient not allowed under the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule).

The next time you are shopping for food, please check store shelves for the products listed below. In the relatively recent past these products have included a gluten-free claim on their packaging and named in the ingredients list an ingredient not allowed under FDA’s […]

Gluten Levels in Medication: FOIA Request

Update: Six years after filing this FOIA, FDA finally responded:

This is in response to your electronic Freedom of Information Act request dated in which you requested information regarding NFCA grant 4288. Specifically, your request seeks “GFW seeks all data reflecting testing for gluten content from the FDA-sponsored study Gluten in Medication… A search of the records of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research did not locate responsive records. Specifically, Division of Information Disclosure Policy has confirmed that FDA […]