Dear FDA Director of the Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling: Enforce the Gluten-Free Labeling Rule

Dear FDA Director of the Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling: Enforce the Gluten-Free Labeling Rule

Post date: July 17, 2017

FDA Action Alert #4: Snail Mail Letter Writing Campaign to FDA

The following email will be sent to subscribers to Gluten Free Watchdog this morning (please share the link to this blog post on social media using #EnforceGFRule):

Dear Gluten Free Watchdog community,

Our FDA action plan continues with action alert #4—a snail mail letter writing campaign.

Two letters to FDA have been posted as pdf files. These letters are addressed to Douglas A. Balentine, Ph.D. He is the Director of the Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling. This office oversees the gluten-free labeling rule. One letter addresses foods that appear to be misbranded based on ingredients (i.e., the inclusion of wheat-based soy sauce in labeled gluten-free foods). The second letter addresses products that may be misbranded due to gluten content.

Letter 1: FDALetter1August

Letter 2: FDALetter2August

Please print these letters and send them to the address below (the address is also included on the letter):

Douglas A. Balentine, Ph.D.

Director, Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling

Center for Food and Safety and Applied Nutrition

Food and Drug Administration

FDA College Park Campus CPK 1 Building Room 4C-095

5100 Paint Branch Pkwy.

College Park, MD 20740

Space is provided after the salutation to include your name. My name and contact information is also included.

Please post a link to this blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and in your blogs. Include #EnforceGFRule.

Recap of last week’s action alerts:

Video letter to FDA: Enforce the Gluten-Free Labeling Rule

Blog letter to FDA: FDA, Please investigate labeled gluten-free foods testing at or above 20 parts per million and enforce your own rule

Blog letter to FDA: FDA, please investigate labeled gluten-free foods containing wheat-based soy sauce and enforce your own rule

Thank you for posting the links on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Please continue to post to social media. Please tag FDA on Facebook ( by including @FDA in your post (this should bring up the FDA link–it is the forth one down US Food and Drug Administration) and @mention FDA on Twitter (@US_FDA). In your tweets, please also include “Please RT #EnforceGFRule”

This letter writing campaign will truly take a gluten-free village to make it successful. Thank you for your help!

Kind regards,

Tricia Thompson, MS, RD

Founder, Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC




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  • Jamie Reply

    It amazes me that the FDA refuses to live up to it’s own definition and standards for food and drug industries. Confusingly lucky for us we have people watching the FDA that have to stand up for what the FDA is suppose to do in the first place. I will never have trust in the FDA, when it’s Government run for their profit only. However my feelings aside, it would be real human of them to put on the label of gluten free and actually mean it with sincere honesty and all marketing aside. Tricia Thompson thank you for what you do.

    July 17, 2017 at 4:28 pm

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