Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2018,

A series of bites, barks, tail wags, face licks, and pant tugs from Gluten Free Watchdog

May 13, 2018

Gluten Free Watchdog Face Lick, Post # 13

This is a repost from last year with a couple updates

On this Mother’s Day thank you to…

All the moms who contact me with test requests and questions–questions about ingredients, labeling, cross contact, oats, Cheerios, and so many others. You all are working to create a healthy environment where your children are not hesitant to eat for fear of getting sick.

All the moms of the children diagnosed with celiac disease before the gluten-free diet became the known dietary treatment…

  • “Every time my brother and I went to birthday parties, my mother made sure to fix food for us that would have been similar to what the other children ate. I don’t know how she did it, but I never felt deprived.”
  • “Soy milk was not readily available in stores then, and this required my mother to buy the beans, cook them (with the pronounced smell permeating the house), and prepare the milk.”

All the pregnant moms who have celiac disease. Some of you fought for years to regain the health necessary for your pregnancy. Some of you learned you had celiac disease because you suffered through unspeakable loss. One of you in particular is in my thoughts as you pass the 5-month stage of your pregnancy. Update: A beautiful baby girl is now enchanting her adoring mom. 

A brave and wonderful soul, Margaret Clegg of MiGlutenFreeGal.com for sharing her story of infertility  http://miglutenfreegal.com/2014/05/11/a-different-take-on-mothers-day/

My mom who dealt with my gluten-free diet when processed gluten-free food did not exist (at least in Alaska). Rice became my noodles, rice cakes became my bread, and cold baked potatoes became my “bag lunch.” And I was happy for all of it because my stomach no longer hurt.

My son who heard me talk about celiac disease so much that he could tell you all about the nutritional quality of the typical gluten-free diet—including potential issues with B vitamins—while he was in elementary school.

My husband who understands and truly supports my deep need to serve the current children and the children we all once were through Gluten Free Watchdog.

Hugs to all!

A note to all women of childbearing age: If you are experiencing unexplained infertility or repeated miscarriages, please ask your physician to test you for celiac disease. Believe it or not it may be the cause.


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