Latest Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA via CAERS

Latest Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA via CAERS

Sweet Bourbon Crunchers Pretzels sold through Beef Jerky Outlets. I have spoken to both the manufacturer and the distributor. Due to an error in the labeling process, this product includes a gluten-free claim. However, the pretzels contain wheat flour as confirmed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer has instructed all Beef Jerky Outlet stores to remove product from the shelf. Regardless, this product was purchased at a Beef Jerky Outlet this past weekend (February 22/23). 

Grow Girl Hair Growth Dietary Supplement.  The product is labeled “no gluten” which FDA considers a synonym for “gluten free” yet it includes “malt syrup” in the ingredients list. Under the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations for malt syrup, this ingredient is “barley malt syrup.” Barley malt syrup is not allowed in foods labeled gluten-free per FDA. Manufacturer alerted to this issue via email.

Please also see Two of the products–Pike’s Place Chowder and Sierra Soups have been recalled. The products from Sticky Fingers Bakeries and RNA ReSet have not been recalled (to the best of my knowledge).

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