Video: Gluten-Free Bakery Items Sold in Regular Bakery

We received a question about which regulatory and consumer advocacy group to contact if a regular bakery selling gluten-free baked goods appears to have questionable practices around preventing cross-contact. For the article on restaurants and gluten-free labeling claims mentioned in the video, please click HERE. Note: I have been asked to provide a transcript for all of the videos. These videos are “off the top of my head.” Transcripts are not available. Update: A wonderful subscriber to GFWD who happens to […]

Video: Converting ppm of Gluten to mg of Gluten

We received two questions about ppm of gluten and what this means in terms of a mg amount of gluten. The process sounds complicated but it really isn’t too bad once you understand that we are dealing with proportions. If any information in this video requires clarification please post a comment. Note: I have been asked to provide a transcript for all of the videos. These videos are “off the top of my head.” Transcripts are not available.




Gluten Free Watchdog Video Q&A

We are planning to add a new feature to Gluten Free Watchdog–Video chats answering your questions about labeling, food testing, etc. Please watch the short video for more information. Questions should be submitted to me via the contact form, directly at, or in the comments section. Thank you!

NASSCD Summary Statement on Oats

The North American Society for the Study of Celiac Disease recently released a summary statement on oats. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of NASSCD. While I provided comments via a dietitian colleague on various drafts of this statement, I am not a member of the executive council and was not directly involved in the writing of this statement. The statement can be accessed HERE. Please share your thoughts.

Gluten Free Watchdog Position Statement on Oats:


Products Labeled Gluten-Free Yet Containing Wheat-Based Soy Sauce

NEW: Three Jerks Jerky Soy Vay Veri Teriyaki: Based on product labeling (product purchased September 26th from Amazon) this product is labeled gluten-free yet contains soy sauce made from wheat. The USDA has been notified.

Chef Myron’s Magic 20 Gauge Marinade as well as ALL Chef Myron’s sauces labeled gluten-free and containing shoyu sauce made using wheat (February 28, 2017): This product is labeled gluten-free and contains shoyu sauce made using wheat. Also, please be aware that Chef Myron’s supplies products […]

Barley malt in gluten-free foods; Gluten neutralized sourdough wheat bread. Where is the outrage among our national gluten-free support groups?

Warning: mini rant

My question to the national groups: Are you in the pocket of gluten-free food manufacturers?

If your answer is: “No” then I ask why you are not up in arms about these issues:

Barley malt in foods labeled gluten-free: Some manufacturers are labeling foods gluten-free yet including barley ingredients in these products. A running list of such products is maintained on Gluten Free Watchdog.

Sourdough wheat bread promoted as safe to the gluten-free community: Some artisanal bakers are promoting sourdough […]

Purbread Gluten Neutralized Bread: If you have a gluten-related disorder do not eat this bread!

Product Alert: Gluten Free Watchdog tested Purbread and not surprisingly it tested well above 20 ppm gluten. It contains as ingredients: Sour dough starter, Gluten neutralized white winter wheat, Raw pure honey, Pure maple syrup, Pure canola oil, Sea salt. Please do not eat this bread if you have celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity.

Purbread is made and sold in Pennsylvania. We are aware of two stores that carry it–Westtown Amish Market and Martindales in Springfield.

The baker of […]

Snyder’s of Hanover, Annie’s and all Gluten free manufacturers: What is your protocol for addressing consumer complaints?

In recent weeks, two consumers have contacted Gluten Free Watchdog about potentially serious product issues. The first complaint concerns a Snyder’s of Hanover product; the second complaint concerns an Annie’s product. In the opinion of Gluten Free Watchdog, neither manufacturer handled their respective complaints well. What do you think?

Note: This post was shared with Snyder’s of Hanover and Annie’s prior to posting. Both manufacturers were invited to provide a comment. A comment from Annie’s is included at the end […]

Comment from Gluten Free Watchdog to FDA on the use of barley malt in foods labeled gluten-free

Comments submitted by Tricia Thompson, MS, RD

Founder, Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC

In response to Docket Number FDA-2014-N-1021





Dear FDA,

This letter is an addendum to comment ID: FDA-2014-N-1021-0067

In our previous comment (FDA-2014-N-1021-0067) we wrote:

“Can FDA also please clarify the Agency’s position on the use of barley malt and barley malt extract in foods labeled gluten-free? Both of these ingredients contain hydrolyzed gluten protein. FDA has advised me via email correspondence that FDA considers malt extract an “ingredient not processed to […]

Subscription Plan Changes at Gluten Free Watchdog

There are now two subscription plans to choose from at Gluten Free Watchdog. The Watchdog plan ($4.99 monthly) gives you access to all new test reports plus the previous 3 months of testing reports. The Premium plan ($29.99 the first month and then $4.99 monthly) gives you access to all new test reports plus all 5 years of testing data (hundreds of reports).

Personal note from Gluten Free Watchdog founder Tricia Thompson: 

We depend upon and need our subscribers and sponsors […]