Dear Beloved Gluten Free Watchdog Community

Dear Beloved Gluten Free Watchdog community,

During this very difficult time, here are some hopefully helpful tips. Please note that all recipes are my own from a book I wrote many, many years ago. If the photos don’t come through in this email, please cut and paste links into browser. 

Difficulty eating? During times of stress, I’m prone to slight nausea and no desire to eat. If you are like me, this is what I do to combat this feeling… I make […]

Yes, products can be properly labeled gluten-free AND include a “Contains wheat” statement

Luna LemonZest and Blueberry Mash-Ups Bar

Over the past couple months Gluten Free Watchdog has received numerous queries about a new Luna bar flavor. The ingredients include wheat syrup. The product label includes a “Contains wheat” statement. And the following wording is included on packaging: “The wheat has been processed to allow this food to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for gluten-free foods.”

So what gives?

This product is in compliance with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule.

How […]

Running List of Potentially Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA & USDA by Gluten Free Watchdog in 2020

This list is updated when necessary to include additional misbranded products and recall status. Thank you to the consumers who have reported products to Gluten Free Watchdog. It takes a gluten-free village to do this work. Please continue to send emails and write letters to FDA personnel included at this link and please include photos of products that haven’t been recalled. Thank you!

So Nourished Gold Alternative Sweetener. Reported to FDA via CAERS on May 26, 2020. Product […]

Latest Misbranded Gluten-Free Products Reported to FDA via CAERS

Sweet Bourbon Crunchers Pretzels sold through Beef Jerky Outlets. I have spoken to both the manufacturer and the distributor. Due to an error in the labeling process, this product includes a gluten-free claim. However, the pretzels contain wheat flour as confirmed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer has instructed all Beef Jerky Outlet stores to remove product from the shelf. Regardless, this product was purchased at a Beef Jerky Outlet this past weekend (February 22/23). 

Grow Girl Hair Growth Dietary Supplement.  […]

Dietitians: Please join Dietitians in Gluten and Gastrointestinal Disorders (DIGID) and send a letter to FDA voicing your displeasure about the lack of enforcement of the gluten-free labeling rule

To my fellow dietitians, Gluten Free Watchdog recently launched a letter writing campaign to Food and Drug Administration personnel regarding the lack of enforcement of the gluten-free labeling rule. If you work with consumers with celiac disease or non-celiac wheat sensitivity, please make your voice heard by joining DIGID and sending emails and/or letters to the individuals included in the contact list below. The text of the letter sent by DIGID is also pasted below. Please […]

Enough is Enough with Gluten-Free Misbranding: Contact FDA Today

Please email and mail ALL of the Health and Human Services and Food and Drug Administration personnel listed below. This list includes Alex Azar, Stephan Hahn, Susan Mayne, and Robin McKinnon. Make your voices heard! The letter I’m sending on behalf of the Gluten Free Watchdog community is in the photo and also pasted below. Please feel free to use any or all of the information in your own letter.

Contact information for HHS and FDA personnel

Mr. Alex M. […]

Sticky Fingers Bakeries: Enriched Wheat Flour isn’t an ingredient “processed to remove gluten”

To manufacturers of gluten-free foods (in particular Sticky Fingers Bakeries because yes, this is a label from a Sticky Fingers Bakeries’ product):

1. The FDA has a codified gluten-free labeling rule. Read it

2. In the codified rule, wheat flour is considered “An ingredient that is derived from a gluten-containing grain and that has not been processed to remove gluten.”

3. In the codified rule, wheat starch is considered an ingredient “that has been processed to remove gluten.”

4.  This rule includes
the […]

General Mills Proposed Gluten Friendly Line

UPDATE February 12, 2020: Thank you so much to everyone who emailed and posted comments. Comments were sent to General Mills today.

Their response: “Thank you for sharing this information. I will be forwarding it on to the team that is working on the concept. I think it is also important for you to know that based on all of the feedback we received from the gluten free community, we removed the images from our website as we reevaluate […]