Information from FDA Regarding Gluten-Free Labeling of Hydrolyzed and Fermented Foods

The latest from the FDA on where the Agency stands in regard to the proposed rule on the gluten-free labeling of hydrolyzed and fermented food…

On August 1, I sent the following email to FDA:

“Is there any information that can be released publicly regarding whether a proposed rule or guidance document is going to be released soon to help manufacturers determine whether they can label as gluten-free a hydrolyzed or fermented food or a food containing hydrolyzed/fermented ingredients? As you know, […]

Foods Labeled Gluten-Free Must Now be in Compliance with the FDA Gluten-Free Labeling Rule

August 5th–The compliance date for the gluten-free labeling rule has finally arrived. Here is some basic (and not so basic) information about the rule.

Section One: Summary of the Rule

1. This rule applies to the labeling of foods as packaged (including dietary supplements) regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and intended for human use.

Note: This rule does not cover pet foods, cosmetics, prescription and non prescription drugs, food regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, and beverages regulated […]

Update on the gluten-free status of yeast extract

Update July 29, 2014 : Based on testing done by Gluten Free Watchdog, I would like to reiterate that it is my recommendation that individuals with gluten-related disorders avoid products NOT labeled gluten-free containing the ingredients yeast extract or autolyzed yeast extract unless the source is confirmed. Please note that if you live in Canada, ALL gluten sources must be declared in the ingredients list. In addition Coeliac UK recently modified their position on yeast extract specifically as it […]

Special Report: The Use of Oats in Gluten-Free Foods

Special Report: The Use of Oats in Gluten-Free Foods
Beth Armour, RD, Shelley Case, RD and Tricia Thompson, MS, RD
For Gluten Free Watchdog
UPDATE from Tricia July 10, 2014: Last week Amy Leger (The Savvy Celiac) contacted me for my input on oats—specifically how they should be included in the ingredients list if they are gluten-free or certified gluten-free. Her question stemmed from a statement provided by General Mills when she asked why the oats in the new Chex Gluten-Free Oatmeal […]

Action Alert: Notifying the FDA about Misbranded Gluten-Free Products

Last week the following question was posted on Gluten Free Watchdog’s Facebook page, “How will mislabeled foods be policed?” My answer to this question was, “By you, and me, and the entire Gluten Free Watchdog community (aka Gluten Free Watchdog Posse).”

A former consumer safety officer with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicated during an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Webinar that it would take a pattern of complaints (ie more than one) before the FDA would investigate a […]

Product alert: Greens Plus bar contains malt yet labeled gluten-free

Product Alert: Greens Plus Whey Crisp Protein Bar

Last week the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) alerted Gluten Free Watchdog that a variety of Greens Plus bar contains barley malt yet is labeled gluten-free. Barley malt is not allowed in gluten-free foods. To read the NFCA alert for this product click here.

Note: While manufacturers labeling their foods gluten-free have until August, 2014 to comply with the FDA’s gluten-free labeling rule, malt, malt extract, and malt syrup have long been […]

What I Ate Wednesday Registered Dietitian Edition

What I Ate Wednesday Registered Dietitian Edition (#WIAWRD)

WIAWRD was not something I had heard of until last week when Debra Riedesel, owner of the websites and “tagged” me to write about what I ate Wednesday. To read Debra’s post click here. Obviously, the content of this post is different from what you usually find in this space but it is always interesting to learn about what other people actually eat—right??

My food restrictions include gluten, dairy, and eggs. […]

Boulder Canyon Chips & FDA Webinar Statement on Use of Malt Extract in Gluten-Free Foods

Boulder Canyon Chips–Again!!

It is hard to believe I’m writing about Boulder Canyon chips—Again! BUT Boulder Canyon chips labeled gluten-free yet containing both malt vinegar powder and malt extract continue to be widely available on store shelves.

Based on the emails I continue to receive, there seems to be confusion on the part of many regarding the ingredients contained in this product as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) position on malt extract in labeled gluten-free foods.

To help clarify, […]

Gluten Free Watchdog Product Alert: Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar Chips

At least two (maybe three) varieties of Boulder Canyon malt vinegar and sea salt chips are labeled gluten-free and/or erroneously contain the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) Certified Gluten-Free mark (i.e. they were never certified by GFCO) and include the ingredients malt vinegar and malt extract. To access a pdf of the report click here.

Excerpt: Bottom Line: At least two (maybe three) varieties of Boulder Canyon malt vinegar and sea salt chips are labeled gluten-free and/or erroneously contain the Gluten Free Certification […]

Restaurants & Gluten-Free Labeling Claims

Rhonda Kane, MS, RD and I received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to post a statement on restaurants and gluten-free labeling claims. The statement was drafted by Rhonda, a former Consumer Safety Officer with the FDA. Current FDA staff reviewed and slightly revised this statement and granted me permission to post the revision at

This process started back in September at the International Celiac Disease Symposium where there was a lot of confusion about whether restaurants were covered under the gluten-free labeling rule. […]