Payment Terms

Payment Terms

By subscribing, you authorize Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC to create a PayPal Preapproved Payment schedule beginning one calendar month after your intial payment, for an indefinite period, at the payment amount indicated on the Subscribe page at the time of the initial subscription.

In the event that the subscription amount changes in the future, you will be notified via email of this change at least 10 days before the date that new amount would be transferred, and given the opportunity to renew your Preapproved Payment schedule at the new amount, or unsubscribe.

You may unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe button on your account page. Further scheduled payments will be stopped immediately, though your subscription will continue through the current expiration period. 

Please note that you can not be refunded once a billing cycle starts or for prior month subscriptions. If you are subscribing to the Premium plan, you can not be refunded the initial fee (allowing full access to the site) of $29.99. 

Please contact us if you have further questions.