Cavanagh Low Gluten Altar Bread (NOT LABELED GF)

Cavanagh Low Gluten Altar Bread (NOT LABELED GF)

The following report on Cavanagh Low Gluten Altar Bread (NOT LABELED GF) will inform you of the amount of gluten found in this product during testing.

General Product Information

Manufacturer: Cavanagh

Ingredients: Wheat starch and Water

Contains: Wheat

Manufactured on dedicated equipment in a dedicated facility

The manufacturer provides online product information.

Gluten-free information on product packaging: This product is not labeled gluten-free.

The manufacturer provides the following online information about this product:

“Our low gluten wafers are approved for use in the Catholic Mass by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The baking of the low gluten wafers is done in a dedicated bakery using positive air pressure to create a room that is totally free of contaminants. The equipment is also dedicated to the low gluten baking and is not used for regular altar bread production. The breads are packaged in bags of 10 and placed in a box which is then sealed with a label. They are made of gluten free wheat starch and water. The gluten content of all of our low gluten wafers is below 20 parts per million making it truly gluten free. However, due to FDA regulations, we cannot label these breads gluten free because they are made from wheat. Shelf life is guaranteed for 1 year.”

Note: A portion of the above statement is not accurate. Wheat starch is an allowed ingredient in products labeled gluten-free in the US. The final product must contain a level of gluten below 20 ppm.

Ingredient and labeling information provided as a convenience only. Do not rely on this information for your dietary needs. Always read product labels before purchasing for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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