Good Health Veggie Stix (NOT LABELED GF)

Good Health Veggie Stix (NOT LABELED GF)

The following report on Good Health Veggie Stix (NOT LABELED GF) will inform you of the amount of gluten found in this product during testing.

General Product Information

Manufacturer: Good Health Snacks

Ingredients: Potato starch, Dehydrated potato, High oleic expeller pressed sunflower oil or safflower oil, Rice flour, Salt, Dehydrated garlic, Dehydrated vegetables (tomato, green pepper, spinach, celery), Dehydrated parsley, Extractves of paprika and turmeric, Vegetable extracts for coloring (radish, apple, black current), Potassium chloride, Sea salt.

May contain traces of wheat.

Also made on shared equipment with items that contain milk.

The manufacturer provides online product information. 

Note: The ingredients listed online differ from the ingredients listed on product packaging.

This product is not labeled gluten-free.

Complete Test Results

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