John McCambridge Bread Tin Bakery GF Bread Kit

John McCambridge Bread Tin Bakery GF Bread Kit

The following report on John McCambridge Bread Tin Bakery GF Bread Kit will inform you of the amount of gluten found in this product during testing.

General Product Information

Manufacturer: John McCambridge

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Ingredients: Gluten free oatmeal, Pea flour, Gluten free oatflakes, Gluten free oat flour, Raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, Coconut sugar, salt

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Test Report Summary

Report Date: 01/30/2020

The 3 samples tested contained quantifiable levels of gluten ranging from 6 ppm to 44 ppm.

Two samples were tested on January 29. The results were 6 ppm gluten and 40 ppm gluten. Because of the apparent uneven distribution of gluten within this product, a third sample was tested on January 30. The result was 44 ppm of gluten.

R-biopharm's oat testing protocol was followed for this product due to the ingredients oatmeal, oatflakes, and oat flour. This protocol calls for the homogenization of 200 grams of product and the testing of 1 gram extractions. As R-Biopharm explains, "oat samples: gliadin may not be distributed evenly, furthermore the samples are difficult to homogenize."

GFWD shared the test results with the manufacturer. The manufacturer confirmed that the oats used in this product are mechanically and optically sorted oats. UPDATE: The manufacturer stated in email correspondence that they will be changing oat suppliers and using only purity protocol oat ingredients in this product. UPDATE: This product has been recalled. See 

Please see complete results for detail.

General note about oats: At this time (January 2020), based on the totality of information available to Gluten Free Watchdog, we remain supportive of the use of purity protocol oats sourced from GF Harvest, Avena Foods, Montana Gluten-Free Processors, MGM Seed & Grain, and Glanbia Nutritionals by persons with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders who tolerate oats. With the exception of Quaker gluten-free oats, we are NOT supportive of the use of any other product containing mechanically/optically sorted oats, including gluten-free Cheerios, gluten-free Lucky Charms, and gluten-free and certified gluten-free products from manufacturers sourcing oats from Grain Millers or La Crosse Milling. The above is true regardless of test results. You can read more about oats at and

Complete Test Results

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