Nutella (single serving pack) NOT LABELED GF

Nutella (single serving pack) NOT LABELED GF

The following report on Nutella (single serving pack) NOT LABELED GF will inform you of the amount of gluten found in this product during testing.

General Product Information

Manufacturer: Nutella

Ingredients: Sugar, Palm oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim milk, Reduced minerals whey (milk), Lecithin as emulsifier (soy), Vanillin: an artificial flavor.

Made in Germany

The manufacturer provides online product information.

Note: The product tested is NOT labeled gluten-free. The manufacturer website states the following:

Is Nutella® hazelnut spread gluten free?

Nutella® hazelnut spread does not contain any ingredients derived from gluten-containing cereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats or triticale. There is also no risk of cross contamination with any gluten ingredients.

Note: The 26.5 ounce container IS labeled gluten-free. The product label states it is made in Canada. 

Ingredient and labeling information provided as a convenience only. Do not rely on this information for your dietary needs. Always read product labels before purchasing for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Complete Test Results

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