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The following report on Green Lentils will inform you of the amount of gluten found in this product during testing.

General Product Information


Ingredients: Lentils

May contain traces of wheat

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Gluten-free information on product packaging: Packaging includes the letters GF without a circle. The words “gluten-free” or a synonym for the term gluten-free are not included on product packaging. The FDA does not consider the letters GF to be a gluten-free claim. According to FDA guidance documents, ‘…the use alone of any symbol indicating the absence of gluten cannot serve as a substitute for the words “gluten-free” or the terms “no gluten,” “free of gluten,” or “without gluten”.’

The manufacturer provides online gluten-free information.

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Test Report Summary

Report Date: 12/21/2018

Multiple extractions of this sample were tested over a 2 day period. Results ranged from < 5 parts per million to > 84 parts per million of gluten.

These results indicate heterogeneous (not evenly distributed) cross contact with gluten (e.g., grain, broken grain, grain dust).

Please see complete results for details.

The results have been discussed with the manufacturer. For specific information about this product, please contact

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The information is also posted here for your convenience:

We continue to receive reports of errant gluten-containing grains in bags of dried lentils sold in the US. Health Canada just issued a recall on a brand of lentils for undeclared gluten. As a general reminder, under US GIPSA standards (Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration), lentils are allowed to contain a certain percentage of foreign grain, including wheat, barley, and rye. As a precaution, please make sure to pick through dry lentils carefully and rinse them very thoroughly under running water.

Here is some evidence to support these recommendations:

  • A bag of lentils purchased in the UK and containing foreign grain was sent by UK blogger Carly @gfreeb to senior research scientist Adrian Rogers for testing.
  • Limited testing using the Gluten G12 ELISA was performed on the lentils. Results are shared with permission.
    • A sample of lentils was ground “as is” from the bag and tested. Results were 7 ppm of gluten.
    • A second sample of lentils was picked through and foreign material was removed before washing.
    • The picked through sample of lentils was rinsed 3 times in distilled water and then ground. Results were below the lower limit of quantification of 4 ppm of gluten.
    • The rinse water was also tested and a low level of gluten was detected.

From what we understand from Purity Protocol Ingredients of Avena Foods Limited, there is no source of purity protocol lentils currently on the market. BUT this appears to be changing. According to a Tweet on Twitter from @gfprotocol in response to a question from @GFWatchdog, “No brands are using Purity Protocol Lentils. These will be available (and lentil flour & grit) from next crop year, the first in the world. We are partnering with brands and will keep you posted. ‘Start safe, stay safe’ matters.”

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Complete Test Results

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